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Foundations of Holistic Management

Foundations of Holistic Management

Holistic Management is a values based, testable decision making framework that considers our needs for social, economic and ecological wellbeing. This framework helps us define and achieve the lives we want. In the first course studying Holistic Management we consider-

 The Key Insights of Holistic Management

-Brittleness, the Predator/Prey Relationship, Holism, the Importance of Timing

Collaborating with Nature to Meet Our Needs

-The Ecosystem Processes, Management Tools

Core Components of Holistic Decision Making

-Whole Under Management, Holistic Context, Filters, Feedback Loop

Processes Unique to Holistic Management

-Building Wealth, Holistic Financial Planning, Land and Livestock Management

Foundations gives us the basis to understand what we value, the resources we have to work with, a way to choose how best to apply our resources, and how to work with the community of life to ensure success.

Earlier Event: November 30
2017 Holistic Management Training