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2017 Holistic Management Training

Holisitic Management Training.

Holistic Management is a values based testable decision making framework which recognizes our connection to the ecosystem and our culture. Holistic management helps you to direct your action towards desired outcomes by clarifying your goals and values and the resources you have available to realize them.

Courses can be taken as a whole or in units.  Courses will be taught by Willy Denner and Phyllis VanAmburgh, accredited Savory professionals using Savory curricula and their own experience as practitioners.

Trainings can be scheduled and customized to meet the needs of a group or individuals. Trainers are available for courses November through March end with limited availability during the growing season.

Foundations in Holistic Management (3 days) : $499

Holistic Management is a values based, testable decision making framework that considers our needs for social, economic and ecological well being. This framework helps us define and achieve the lives we want. In the first course studying Holistic Management we consider:
The Key Insights of Holistic Management
-Brittleness, the Predator/Prey Relationship, Holism, the Importance of Timing

Collaborating with Nature to Meet Our Needs
-The Ecosystem Processes, Management Tools

Core Components of Holistic Decision Making
-Whole Under Management, Holistic Context, Filters, Feedback Loop

Processes Unique to Holistic Management
-Building Wealth, Holistic Financial Planning, Land and Livestock Management

Foundations gives us the basis to understand what we value, the resources we have to work with, a way to choose how best to apply our resources, and how to work with the community of life to ensure success.

Financial Planning (3 days): $499

In this course we learn a unique way to approach financial planning that helps us build lasting wealth, improve the capacity of our land and strengthen our society. We will understand:

Processes unique to Holistic Financial Planning

-Planning Profit First, Aligning with the Context

How to Test our Decisions

-Gross Profit Analysis, Weak Link, Marginal Reaction, Energy/Money Source and Use

How to Make an Annual Financial Plan

-Determining Income and Enterprises, Planning Profit, Categorizing and Cutting Expenses, Creating a Cash-flow, Managing Debt, Monitoring the Plan

Bring your numbers and your decision makers and we will make a plan for your operation that will ensure your profitability.

Planned Grazing (3 days): $499

Holistic Planned Grazing
Realizing the lives we want takes careful planning, and thoughtful use of tools. In this course we will study how to manage grazing animals in the environment to enhance the resilience of the land that sustains us as we care for ourselves and our communities.
Holistic Planned Grazing helps us; create ways to estimate the carrying capacity of our forage land so we can maximize animal performance and farm productivity, protect our farm from the danger of drought, plan for changes in our herds, schedule important events in the year which impact management, time recovery of plants and impacts on land to work toward greater resilience, and use density and timing to optimize herd and land health and give us the future landscape that will best support us.
We will create a grazing plan for your farm, and review the essential fundamentals of Holistic Management so that your grazing plan will put the right animals in the right place at the right time to realize your context.

Land Planning (2 days) $300

Ecological Monitoring (2 days): $300

For those seeking to become an accredited practitioner all the courses must be taken and can be purchased as a package for ($2000). Please inquire about pricing packages for multiple persons from same farm enterprise.