Welcome to The Agrarian Learning Center!

The Agrarian Learning Center works to create a region of connected communities, farmers, and land owners managing our land base holistically. We hope to help improve soil health, decrease carbon emissions and slow climate change. Our work is based on the methods and practices of Alan Savory's Holistic Management decision making framework. 


Professional Training

-Training in Holistic Management for farmers, land managers, communities and for profit or not for profit organizations. 
-Formal training and accreditation for professionals who desire to train or consult with practitioners on the implementation of Holistic Management.

Project Consulting

-Custom training, education, and consulting services to land managers and organizations who are influencing the management of land.

Full Spectrum Monitoring

-Biological, social, and financial monitoring services to land managers and organizations to ensure long-term sustainability of their projects and initiatives.

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Educational Programs 

-Opportunities for community members to learn more about Holistic Management and the business, policy, and scientific issues involved in sustainable Land management and farming.

Upcoming Events