About Us


Phyllis and Paul VanAmburgh

Phyllis and Paul manage Dharma Lea Farm along with their children Grace , Vincent ,  Maggie, Oliver, and Ruby. They farm 500 acres (233 owned, balanced leased) for their 100% grass-fed dairy and beef operation.   The core of this diversified Certified Organic farm in Sharon Springs, New York is its intensively managed pastures.  Their mission is to create groups of animals in a healthy pasture based ecosystem that produce food that allows for optimal human health. Phyllis is an accredited Savory Professional and Hub founder.


Claudia Kenny and Willy Denner

Claudia and Willy and their children Otis and Mae, operate Little Seed Gardens, a certified organic 97 acre family farm in the Hudson Valley.  Established in 1995, Little Seed Gardens produces vegetables, herbs, heritage breed stock and grass fed beef.  They have been using Holistic Resource Management as a decision making model for Little Seed for the last 20 years.  Claudia and Willy have worked as sustainable food system activists on for profit and non for profit projects throughout the Hudson Valley. They offer on farm mentoring to young farmers. Willy is an accredited Savory professional.  Claudia has a MS in Conflict Resolution with an Environmental focus and works as Statewide Director of NYS Agricultural Mediation Program.